What's Included in the BatherBox System?

Tim V - the BatherBox Guru at Groomer's Choice - walks you through an unboxing of what is included in the BatherBox system.

How to Set Up Your BatherBox

Join the guru Tim V as he guides you through how to get your BatherBox set up and primed for its first client.

Ongoing Maintenance for BatherBox

Follow these tips and tricks to keep your BatherBox system working efficiently for years to come.

Applying Restrictor Valves BatherBox

Certain establishments will need restrictor valves in order to save on shampoo & conditioner, especially those who have self pet washes. 

BatherBox Metering Caps Instructions

Join TimV as he shows you how to install metering caps to the BatherBox so you can lock in your dilution.

BatherBox Promo - Featuring Jonathan David

Celebrity Pet Stylist Jonathan David explains why BatherBox is the right choice for busy groomers.